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  • Interior Design Trends for 2019

    Wednesday, December 19, 2018   /   by Hunter Habib

    Interior Design Trends for 2019

    Whether a homeowner is looking to modify a few small areas of their home or commit to a complete redesign of the entire home, keeping up with the latest interior design trends can be a necessary challenge. The trends are constantly changing and they may also vary from one designer to the next. To take some of the guess work out of learning about design trends to expect in 2019, here is a compilation formed with forecasts from some of the most known home design industry experts from coast to coast:

    Artisanal Pieces

    Whether it is a handcrafted metal frame mirror, a hand-carved wood headboard, or a few smaller artisanal elements that just add some new life to a space, artisanal pieces are expected to be in the spotlight in 2019. Handmade and craftsmanship in general have been gaining more attention in the last few years, but this is expected to show up even more significantly in 2019. Anything from sinks to shower door hardware to wall decorations from very unique vendors can be expected. An appreciation for things that are made meticulously by hand using traditional methods has regained appreciation and this is expected to have significant attention in the interior design industry. 

    Warm Hues

    Cool grays have been the go-to for a fairly long while. In 2019, however, the professionals see a shift toward warm beiges and taupe instead. Neutrals that have some more pink or flesh tones to them will be seen more in the coming year. Design experts feel these neutrals offer a classic and elegant look. 


    All shades of pink are expected, from the more peachy tones to the paler pinks and everywhere from walls to kitchen cabinets. The paler tones that have been popular with millennials will remain on trend, while more bold tones, such as raspberry, will also be seen in areas like kitchen cabinets. 

    Furniture with Curves

    The age of technology and extremely busy schedules has made the act of sitting down to spend time together a lost art. This has created a desire and demand for a return to intimate sitting areas. Part of this will present itself in a higher demand for simpler, curvier sofas with softer edges and which represent both elegance and comfort. 

    Colored Grout and Intricate Tiles

    Intricate tiles with geometric, herringbone and Moroccan patterns have very much taken the place of white subway tile. This trend is expected to continue and become even more prominent. Also, design experts expect to see a lot more colored grout and floor and wall tiles that contrast one another. Much like wallpaper, tile is an easy way to add a big design element to a room. Dark tiles with light grout or light tiles with dark grout can both give a room texture and be a wonderful design element. 


    Made with a mix of granite, marble, quartz chips, and glass pressed into resin or cement, terrazzo used to be the floor option of choice in hospitals, airports, schools and homes. Today, terrazzo has made a come back and is showing up in all parts of homes, offered in varying combinations and color-ways. Terrazzo is expected to be very popular in home design for 2019. 

    Tweed for Texture

    Interior designer experts anticipate tweed is going to be seen a lot more in the coming year, taking the place of many of the velvets that have been popular in the last few years. Tweed offers texture in a sophisticated way and is easy to mix and match with other tweeds, velvets and other entirely different fabrics. 

    Dark Colors for The Kitchen

    The black, navy or other dark-colored kitchen has been slowly taking the place of the all-white kitchen that has been extremely popular over the last several years. The dark colors give a sleek, rich and contemporary feel. Many designers are opting for black or other dark tones for the kitchen cabinetry paired with gold hardware, gold light fixtures, light colored flooring and light colored countertops. 

    Whether a homeowner is seeking inspiration for one room in the house or for a complete overhaul of every room in the home, the aforementioned design trends are expected to be amongst the most prominent home décor trends for 2019.   

    Southwest Florida Trends

    One thing to keep in mind is that some of these trends may differ according to the Southwest Florida trends.  Many of the coastal trends are still favorable amongst area residents.  Check these trends with your local real estate agent to find out what is trending locally before embarking on your remodel adventure. 

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